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True to the crowdsourcing spirit, anyone interested who's got something to contribute please join us

We plan to launch the site pretty soon. We still need plenty of capable hands to join the team to play a role. Anyone who’s got the skills, experience, time or any other resources, please feel free to send me a private email. I could be reached at

Currently we do have a very nice office near Fashion Island in Newport Beach that could accomodate a few more people. Other compatriots who may be located else where in the crowd could certainly collaborate with us as labor in the cloud.

Whatever your background and skills, what we need now is the enthusiasm, the drive and the commitment to work like an entrepreneurial co-founders with us. That may mean, sweat equity only to recruit talents at this stage.

We have spoken to a few angel investors and VCs privately, many would like to watch us grow. It is an emerging filed in a very nascent industry where there are no dominat leaders yet. Nonetheless everybody recognizes its potential. We may get angel-funded before we get crowd-funded along the way.

Eventually the determining factor for equity financing crowdfunding players may well be the securities industry expertise to bridge the gap between pure IT start-ups and the Wall Street industry practice. That is the niche that we have.

Open roles on our core team are on a first come first served basis. Although we have received many responses from the crowd so far, many seats are still empty!

Those of you who contacted me before, please do not hesitate to follow up and bug me again and again. Thanks.



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Crowd-funded and crowd-owned – Anybody can make contributions and own us, even the OWS or Occupy Party supporters

Here is a message for the Occupy Wall Street folks and their future Occupy Party supporters.
What else could be a better way to win the fight than beating the opponents in their own game? If you have the public open crowdfunding service of Crowdfunders Choice why would people still need the elite circle private equity funding of Goldman Sachs? Let crowdfunding of the 99% be the creative destruction to destroy and replace the Wall Street version of crony capitalism that only benefits the privileged 1% in an honorable way under a genuinely free market capitalism system.

The current problem with our economic society is cronyism, not capitalism. After you over-throw capitalism and embrace socialism, crony socialism will simply replace the crony capitalism. The new 1% crony socialists will simply replace the current 1% crony capitalists to continue the abuse at the expense of the 99%. Doesn’t the inner circle of Joseph Stalin ring a bell?

Haven’t we seen enough of the elite 1% Democrats replaced the elite 1% Republicans in the Obama Administration that had continued and worsened the income and wealth inequality in our country within the past few years?

Wouldn’t focusing on making the 99% richer be one of the good solutions to our current economic and social problems?


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Crowdfunding – Capitalism for the 99%

As explained in the introduction, our goal at CFC is to become the Crowdfunder’s Choice for helping entrepreneurs raise start-up equity financing and that we would like to make this new venture crowd-funded and crowd-owned in order to act as a living proof that this new crowdsourcing business model would work under free market capitalism.

Our target is to get the 99% of our population to have access to entrepreneurial start-up financing on Main Street in order to keep our free enterprise capitalism alive through promoting and maintaining a more democratic version of capitalism vs. the crony capitalism being practiced by the privileged elite minorities on Wall Street.

Hopefully some of these entrepreneurs may get to rise up to become a member of the 1% one day. That indeed is our intention – wealth creation for the 99%.

It is quite all right to take risk and work hard to become a member of the 1%, as long as they do not transform into a 1%’er at the expense of the 99%.


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First debut of the idea on 0118 2011

I went to a 106 Miles mixer event at Posch Restaurant in Irvine this evening. Met quite a few tech folks and marketing guys. Told many of them about this new crowdfunding project and our intended approach to build the team. Let’s see if there are any who would like to come on board.



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The envisioned process to build the team

As could be imagined, people with all kinds of relevant IT skills will be quite welcome to join us as the first step.

Since we would like to chronicle the efforts, anyone with the social networking media marketing experience would be welcome too.

Last but not least, anyone with financial resources to help us recruit those essential talents that may have more a need for salary than sweat equity will be treated as a founding partner as well.


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Starting up from scratch a new crowdfunding site to help entrepreneurs raise start-up equity fund, and you are invited to join us.

Hello believers of crowdsourcing power,

Like you, I am a strong believer in crowdsourcing. I think it is the democratic force that could help enable just about any current and future human endeavors.

I would like to start up a new venture that is dedicated to help entrepreneurs around the world to raise start-up funding. Since the very nature of the site’s future service would be exactly what we need now as an entrepreneurial company to embark on yet another exciting venture. I would like open the door to all those who would share the visions to join us.  We would need people with all kinds of IT, marketing, legal and management skills as well as human and financial resources to help us make this venture a reality together.

It would certainly become a living proof of the power of crowdsourcing. So please get to your keyboard, start typing and send us an email and let’s get it started. Thanks.





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