Contact Information

Crowdfunders Choice

23 Corporate Plaza Drive, Suite 133

Newport Beach, CA 92660

1-888-456-8881 x 888


4 thoughts on “Contact Information

  1. Charles says:

    Having recently researched sites like “Kickstarter” and find the field to be littered with many want-to-be sites. I wish you much success and as you gain traction, I would like to receive email updates on your progress. I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years in various fields and realize entrepreneurs will play a key role in getting our country and economy back on track. Please feel free to contact me.

  2. Nicole Roberts says:

    Are you taking applications for funding. I am looking for $500,000 to open an Xtreme Family Entertainment Center in the New Orleans area. Lease has been secured. Construction is to begin in March 2012. I can send you my business plan for review.
    Thank you,
    Nicole Roberts
    Party Planet Xtreme

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