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Crowd-funded and crowd-owned – Anybody can make contributions and own us, even the OWS or Occupy Party supporters

Here is a message for the Occupy Wall Street folks and their future Occupy Party supporters.
What else could be a better way to win the fight than beating the opponents in their own game? If you have the public open crowdfunding service of Crowdfunders Choice why would people still need the elite circle private equity funding of Goldman Sachs? Let crowdfunding of the 99% be the creative destruction to destroy and replace the Wall Street version of crony capitalism that only benefits the privileged 1% in an honorable way under a genuinely free market capitalism system.

The current problem with our economic society is cronyism, not capitalism. After you over-throw capitalism and embrace socialism, crony socialism will simply replace the crony capitalism. The new 1% crony socialists will simply replace the current 1% crony capitalists to continue the abuse at the expense of the 99%. Doesn’t the inner circle of Joseph Stalin ring a bell?

Haven’t we seen enough of the elite 1% Democrats replaced the elite 1% Republicans in the Obama Administration that had continued and worsened the income and wealth inequality in our country within the past few years?

Wouldn’t focusing on making the 99% richer be one of the good solutions to our current economic and social problems?


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