True to the crowdsourcing spirit, anyone interested who's got something to contribute please join us

We plan to launch the site pretty soon. We still need plenty of capable hands to join the team to play a role. Anyone who’s got the skills, experience, time or any other resources, please feel free to send me a private email. I could be reached at

Currently we do have a very nice office near Fashion Island in Newport Beach that could accomodate a few more people. Other compatriots who may be located else where in the crowd could certainly collaborate with us as labor in the cloud.

Whatever your background and skills, what we need now is the enthusiasm, the drive and the commitment to work like an entrepreneurial co-founders with us. That may mean, sweat equity only to recruit talents at this stage.

We have spoken to a few angel investors and VCs privately, many would like to watch us grow. It is an emerging filed in a very nascent industry where there are no dominat leaders yet. Nonetheless everybody recognizes its potential. We may get angel-funded before we get crowd-funded along the way.

Eventually the determining factor for equity financing crowdfunding players may well be the securities industry expertise to bridge the gap between pure IT start-ups and the Wall Street industry practice. That is the niche that we have.

Open roles on our core team are on a first come first served basis. Although we have received many responses from the crowd so far, many seats are still empty!

Those of you who contacted me before, please do not hesitate to follow up and bug me again and again. Thanks.



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2 thoughts on “True to the crowdsourcing spirit, anyone interested who's got something to contribute please join us

  1. Lionel says:

    Ralph, this is becomming interesting and you pictured it quite well. As you mentioned for the time being angel funding is still
    the way to go. CFC could offer crowdfunding from angel investors.
    The other side of your story is to add invesment banking services.

  2. Hi Lionel,

    It appears that you have already read our business plan. Great minds do think alike.

    Yes, indeed. We would like to become the one stop shop as crowdfunders’ choice for helping entrepreneurs raise financing, from small crowdfunding deals to medium PPM and all the way to large IPOs in the future. That may be a determining factor to separate the man from the crowdfunding boys.

    We ourselves are mostly seasoned and licensed securities industry professionals already. As more team members and co-founders join us, we would indeed like to head further into that direction.

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