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Inviting ideas on fine-tuning the business model as well as the participations of hands-on IT professionals

We would like to call for the first 10 core team members to form the initial management committee.
As an example of business model discussions, here below are some suggestions from Chris Tidman’s earlier comments. I would like to invite and add similar authors and contributors to this blog.
“Great idea. The shareholder’s registry would be “the list” I suppose, and it would provide members with regular updates from the start up team with videos etc. Could have several levels of shareholders/investors. There should be a payout for investors. If it succeeds and you are the lowest level of participation you should at least get your money back – no interest.
It could have a business plan registry with a $100/plan registration fee for the ones with the plans who will have some part on the board of the new business.
The online team can maintain a registry of hours/contribution/ideas for the “employees” participation, so that when the business starts to make money the company can pay off the start up costs. This should be a public ledger sot that development can be monitored by all the players.
Regular corporate rules could provide the outline for procedures and duties of the officers. Only change that I would like to see is the requirement that no shareholder own more than 1% of the business.”

Please feel free to chime in. Thanks.

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Crowd-funded and crowd-owned – Anybody can make contributions and own us, even the OWS or Occupy Party supporters

Here is a message for the Occupy Wall Street folks and their future Occupy Party supporters.
What else could be a better way to win the fight than beating the opponents in their own game? If you have the public open crowdfunding service of Crowdfunders Choice why would people still need the elite circle private equity funding of Goldman Sachs? Let crowdfunding of the 99% be the creative destruction to destroy and replace the Wall Street version of crony capitalism that only benefits the privileged 1% in an honorable way under a genuinely free market capitalism system.

The current problem with our economic society is cronyism, not capitalism. After you over-throw capitalism and embrace socialism, crony socialism will simply replace the crony capitalism. The new 1% crony socialists will simply replace the current 1% crony capitalists to continue the abuse at the expense of the 99%. Doesn’t the inner circle of Joseph Stalin ring a bell?

Haven’t we seen enough of the elite 1% Democrats replaced the elite 1% Republicans in the Obama Administration that had continued and worsened the income and wealth inequality in our country within the past few years?

Wouldn’t focusing on making the 99% richer be one of the good solutions to our current economic and social problems?


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Crowdfunding – Capitalism for the 99%

As explained in the introduction, our goal at CFC is to become the Crowdfunder’s Choice for helping entrepreneurs raise start-up equity financing and that we would like to make this new venture crowd-funded and crowd-owned in order to act as a living proof that this new crowdsourcing business model would work under free market capitalism.

Our target is to get the 99% of our population to have access to entrepreneurial start-up financing on Main Street in order to keep our free enterprise capitalism alive through promoting and maintaining a more democratic version of capitalism vs. the crony capitalism being practiced by the privileged elite minorities on Wall Street.

Hopefully some of these entrepreneurs may get to rise up to become a member of the 1% one day. That indeed is our intention – wealth creation for the 99%.

It is quite all right to take risk and work hard to become a member of the 1%, as long as they do not transform into a 1%’er at the expense of the 99%.


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