Starting up from scratch a new crowdfunding site to help entrepreneurs raise start-up equity fund, and you are invited to join us.

Hello believers of crowdsourcing power,

Like you, I am a strong believer in crowdsourcing. I think it is the democratic force that could help enable just about any current and future human endeavors.

I would like to start up a new venture that is dedicated to help entrepreneurs around the world to raise start-up funding. Since the very nature of the site’s future service would be exactly what we need now as an entrepreneurial company to embark on yet another exciting venture. I would like open the door to all those who would share the visions to join us.  We would need people with all kinds of IT, marketing, legal and management skills as well as human and financial resources to help us make this venture a reality together.

It would certainly become a living proof of the power of crowdsourcing. So please get to your keyboard, start typing and send us an email and let’s get it started. Thanks.





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6 thoughts on “Starting up from scratch a new crowdfunding site to help entrepreneurs raise start-up equity fund, and you are invited to join us.

  1. chris tidman says:

    Great idea. The shareholder’s registry would be ‘the list’ I suppose, and it would provide members with regular updates from the start up team with videos etc. Could have several levels of shareholders/investors. There should be a payout for investors. If it succeeds and you are the lowest level of participation you should at least get your money back – no interest.

    It could have a business plan registry with a $100/plan registration fee for the ones with the plans who will have some part on the board of the new business.

    The online team can maintain a registry of hours/contribution/ideas for the ’employees’ participation, so that when the business starts to make money the company can pay off the start up costs. This should be a public ledger sot that development can be monitored by all the players.

    Regular corporate rules could provide the outline for procedures and duties of the officers. Only change that I would like to see is the requirement that no shareholder own more than 1% of the business.

    • Thanks for the detailed suggestions. It certainly helps a lot to get the discussions going. I hope others may jump in to share with us more ideas on this. Please feel free to arrange a time to have a phone call so that we could brainstorm a bit more. Thanks!

  2. Lionel says:

    One of the first thing I would suggest is to find a broker dealer as a partner on the legal side of the equation and for him to come foward tell him that would be where he could get his future clients

    • Hi Lionel,

      That is indeed a direction we are heading for as well. We are in the process of starting a broker-dealer separately but are unsure how to make the connections with this venture yet. Crowdfunding at this stage seems to aim to have securities laws exemption due to the typical low financing amount raised that does not justify the high legal fees and registration fees.

      We may need more people who are familiar with the securties laws to further advise us on how to combine crowdfunding and securities registration to help entrepreneurs raise larger funds under a traditional broker-dealer license. For full disclosure, I am myself a FINRA licensed professional but this is indeed a new ground for eveybody. Thanks.

      • Lionel says:

        Hi Ralph,

        Thank you for posting me and your answer.
        After having consulted your profile to find out that you
        have the proper licensing credentials to operate a truly
        capable crowdfunding site in total transparency I think
        you only have to register as a principal of your site
        with FINRA. I would be honored if I could help you
        further in the development of CFC.

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