Crowdfunding – Capitalism for the 99%

As explained in the introduction, our goal at CFC is to become the Crowdfunder’s Choice for helping entrepreneurs raise start-up equity financing and that we would like to make this new venture crowd-funded and crowd-owned in order to act as a living proof that this new crowdsourcing business model would work under free market capitalism.

Our target is to get the 99% of our population to have access to entrepreneurial start-up financing on Main Street in order to keep our free enterprise capitalism alive through promoting and maintaining a more democratic version of capitalism vs. the crony capitalism being practiced by the privileged elite minorities on Wall Street.

Hopefully some of these entrepreneurs may get to rise up to become a member of the 1% one day. That indeed is our intention – wealth creation for the 99%.

It is quite all right to take risk and work hard to become a member of the 1%, as long as they do not transform into a 1%’er at the expense of the 99%.


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